Quality Water Treatment Solutions Since 1994

Integrated Cartridge Solutions with PolyHalt - Salt free treatment, Simple and EffectiveTwin Always Soft System


Engineering Services:

Our Engineers will design you a system that provides the best solution to your water treatment and / or filtration needs.


Maintenance and Operations Services:

We provide complete system maintenance and operation services for systems we sell as well as those by others.


Manufacturing Services:

We offer all our manufacturing services to other companies needing a manufacturer with experience in building water treatment components and systems. Manufacturing services include everything from assembly and integration to custom labeling and packaging.


Operator Training Services:

We understand how important it is for your maintenance staff to understand how to operate and maintain your water & system and that is why we offer on-site training for your operators and maintenance staff.


Resin Testing Services:

It is important to take resin samples and to send them out periodically for analysis. This will enable the plant to follow the normal degradation of the resins and to catch fouling problems before they become serious. The recommended frequency of testing is once per year for softener resin more than five years old. Demineralizer resin should be sampled and tested every six months or annually once it is two or three years old.


Solutions for any Water Quality Problem:

Whether you need a treatment solution for a single problem or a complex set of problems there is a water treatment or fluid filtration solution to provide you with the water quality you expect and deserve. Whether you need parts and supplies for an existing system or solution designed specifically for your needs we are here for you.