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CASCADIAN® Summit Series Automatic Softeners:

Summit Series automatic softeners are designed for the residential market and are packed with high end features utilizing the best technologies available to provide long term trouble free operation. Summit softeners offer a great mix of high quality build materials and features while being affordable and efficient to operate.

Softeners built for reliability with more features to save salt and be better for the environment:

  • Simple operation - only 4 parameters to set and the control does the rest:
    • Set time of day
    • Set time of regeneration
    • Set salt dose
    • Set hardness

  • Digital controller features include:
    • Easy adjustment to basic settings
    • Memory backup
    • Que a regeneration for the programmed time with a simple press of a button
    • Regenerate immediately by pressing and holding a button
    • Built from non-corrosive materials
  • Feedback / operational details include (may not be available on non-metered units):
    • Days since last regeneration
    • Current flow rate
    • Current day of the week
    • Volume treated by the unit for the current day
    • Total volume treated since the last regeneration
    • Average water usage for each day of the week
  • Salt saving features include:
    • Active Variable Reserve learns and adapts to actual water use patterns to insure your system treats all the water it can before regenerating.
    • Water use is metered and regeneration is based upon actual use rather than simply because a number of days has passed
  • High flow 1" non-corrosive bypass included with every unit
  • High capacity salt tank
  • High capacity exchange resin
  • Treated water is used to make brine eliminating problems caused by making brine with raw water
  • Internal components are designed for easy maintenance should service be needed

Product Details:

Summit Softener Specifications:

Summit Control Valve Information:

If you need higher flow rates please see our Pinnacle Softener Specifications.

Where to purchase:

All CASCADIAN® Solutions products are available through professional water treatment dealers. Please contact us for help finding the dealer nearest you.

If you are looking for a salt free alternative, space is limited or if you don't have power or a drain readily available please see our Integrated Cartridge Solutions line of products.