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Problem and Solution Matrix:
Find what O3 Water Systems Solutions will address your water quality issues.

To use this table simply find your water quality problem in the left column and to learn what treatment systems are designed to address that problem follow the link or links in the right hand columns.

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Your Water Problem Your CASCADIAN® Solutions
  Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
Bacteria - Coliform and Others
Bacteria- Iron
Bad Taste and Odor
Chlorine Bad Taste and Odor
ColloidsSuspended Particles - Don't Settle
Color - Organic / Tannins
Hydrogen Sulfide - Rotten Egg Odor
Iron - Clear – Red / Orange Staining
Iron – Colored - Red / Orange Staining
Iron Bacteria
Iron - colloidal
Iron organically bound
Lead (Pb+2)
Manganese - Clear - Black / Browin Staining
Manganese - Colored - Black / Browin Staining
Odor - Organic
pH (low)
Silica (Etching and Corrosion)
Tannins (Organic Color)
TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)

Concentrations, Flow Rate, Multiple Contaminants, and Temperature can affect results.

Note: When “ICS” is shown as an option please refer to the Cartridge Based Solutions chart for the appropriate Integrated Cartridge Solution.