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Water Testing:

Finding the appropriate solution to your water treatment problems begins with an on-site visit by a knowledgeable well qualified dealer. During the on-site visit your dealer will talk to you to discover as much important information as possible about such things as water quality history, how you use the water and where you will want to locate a treatmSent system. Other information will be gathered about any existing equipment or processes you have used or are currently using.

During the site visit a sample of your water will be taken and promptly submitted to CASCADIAN® along with the other information gathered for analysis and treatment recommendations.

All information from the site visit and the water quality analysis will be considered while designing treatment specifically for your water and particular situation. The proposed design will be presented to you by your Authorized CASCADIAN® Solutions Dealer.


Health Related Contaminants:

CASCADIAN® does not test water for health related contaminants. If you suspect your water contains health related contaminants such as bacteria, lead or arsenic it is recommended that you have your water tested by a local certified laboratory and that the results of tests for health related contaminants be forwarded to CASCADIAN® through your dealer for consideration during the treatment design process.


Professional installation:

CASCADIAN® Solutions are available only through authorized dealers who assure you get the right solution correctly installed so you can begin enjoying the benefits of professional quality equipment producing high quality water right away.

Call us today and we will connect you with your authorized CASCADIAN® Solutions dealer and you will be on your way to the quality water you deserve