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Cartridge, High Flow Cartridge Tank and Bag Filter Products:


We are stocking distributors of Bag and Cartridge Filter Products:

We stock a wide variety of cartridge and bag filters. Our offerings include PENTEK Brand Cartridges and Bags, High Flow Cartridge Tanks and we manufacture the CASCADIAN® Integrated Cartridge Solutions line of alternative water treatment products.

Integrated Cartridge Solutions (ICS):

ICS cartridge based alternative water treatment systems are capable of treating many water quality problems normally treated with automatic systems. ICS systems are specially designed for long lasting dependable results and are capable of treating up to 15 GPM. Click for more information

Water quality problems treatable with ICS systems include:

  • Mineral / Hardness Deposits
  • Orange, Red, Brown, Black and Blue Stains
  • Etching and Pitting
  • Bad Taste and Odor
  • Chlorine Taste and Odor
  • Low pH Problems
  • Sediment and Solids
  • Cloudy Turbid Water
  • Appliance / Pipe Corrosion

Bag Filters:

Bag Filters are an excellent filtration tool when facing higher flows or sediment. Cartridge style bag filters

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Larger Higher Flow Cartridge Tank Filtration System

High flow, high capacity cartridge filter system with low pressure drop. Simply the best in all categories. Extra large 6" diameter x 30" long cartridges. 20 micron to 1 micron absolute at flows to 150 gpm in a single housing. Free standing non-corrosive housing, easy to service without tools.

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