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5800 Series FiltersSuperTRAP-UF for the most difficulte of water quality problems


CASCADIAN® Solutions Automatic Filters:

All our automatic filters include smart microprocessor based controllers with a very accurate flow meter and built in Diagnostics that when combined create extremely efficient backwashing filters. All automatic filters are equipped with meters and backwash based on actual water usage and have a override built in to keep the filters fresh and ready for use even when not being used often. Using 85% less water than other filters our metered filters are the most effective and efficient filter systems available from any manufacturer.

CASCADIAN® Solutions Products and ICS Series Integrated Cartridge Solutions are available only through authorized distributors. Please contact us for the distributor closest to you.

Series 58X

AcidFIX - Self sacrificing media automatically Corrects low pH conditions. Note: Adds hardness to water.

ArsenicTRAP - Arsenic reduction system.

OxiTRAP® - Salt free iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide reduction.

SuperPOLISH - Taste, odor and color improvement with high quality activated carbon.

SuperTRAP® - Sediment, turbidity, oxidized iron and manganese reduction using SuperTRAP® natural zeolite media.


Specialty Ion Exchange Filters

These filters are special in the sense that they use ion exchange technology to remove targeted contaminants.

NitrateTRAP - Nitrate reduction

OrganicTRAP - Organics, color and organically bound iron and manganese reduction. Unlike most filters for removing tannins or other organics our OrganicTRAP does not require acid neutralizing filter to correct low pH conditions.


Commercial and Industrial:

We design and build larger commercial and industrial systems to address any water quality issue.

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Contact us for information on larger commercial and industrial systems

Whether you need a treatment solution for a single problem or a complex set of problems there is a CASCADIAN® Water treatment solution to provide you with the water quality you expect and deserve. We will build you a water treatment solution designed specifically for your needs.

Diagnostics on CASCADIAN® Automatic Filters:

  • Flow Rate: This program step displays the current flow rate.
  • Peak Flow: This program step displays the peak flow rate (1 minute average) since the last regeneration.
  • Totalizer: This program step displays the total volume of treated water that passes through the meter.
  • Last Regeneration: This program step displays when the last regeneration occurred.
  • Reserve: Displays the reserve volume based on the reserve type selected under master settings. *This parameter is only available for meter delayed regeneration type.
  • Number of Regenerations: Displays how many manually and system initiated regenerations the system has gone through since last reset.
  • Regeneration Interval: Displays the average length of time between regenerations based on the past four regenerations.
  • Daily Usage: Displays average water usage for each day of the week based on the usage on that day for the past six weeks.
  • Usage Since Last Regeneration: Displays water usage since last regeneration.
  • Last setting Change: Displays the date and time of the last update to Master Settings.