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Scale Control System with PolyHalt® for all Hot Water Systems:

All hot water systems:

  • Use energy to heat water
  • Have metallic surfaces that are affected by corrosion
  • Use more energy to heat water with hardness scale deposit build up
  • Have shortened life spans and increased maintenance when the water being heated is corrosive
  • Have minimum water quality requirements to maintain warranty

Installing a Scale Control System with PolyHalt® will help:

  • Protect all metallic surfaces from hardness scale deposits
  • Keep your hot water system running at top efficiency
  • Reduce maintenance and equipment replacement costs
  • Meet manufacturer warranty requirements

Scale Controls System with PolyHalt®:

  • Do not require salt
  • Are simple to maintain, simply replace a single cartridge every 6 to 12 months
  • Include;
    • Cartridge housing with integral bracket and pressure relief valve
    • Housing wrench
    • Two cartridges with PolyHalt® so you have a replacement cartridge on hand

Install a Scale Control System with PolyHalt®:

  • On new hot water systems
  • On existing hot water systems
  • On any type of hot water heater
    • Tankless
    • Hybrid
    • Gas
    • Solar
    • Electric

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What is PolyHalt®?

PolyHalt® is a natural material and is completely safe for human consumption. PolyHalt® is tasteless, odorless and colorless. PolyHalt® is third party certified to NSF standard 42 (Drinking Water Treatment Units - Aesthetic Effects) and NSF standard 60 (Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals - Health Effects).

Can I treat all the water in my home or business with PolyHalt®?

YES! We have a complete Integrated Cartridge Solutions (ICS) line of cartridge based water treatment systems. The ICS line can treat many of the very same problems as our larger automatic systems. For more information please visit our web page dedicated to ICS and PolyHalt®. Be sure to visit the PolyHalt® Frequently Asked Questions page to find answers to most of your questions.