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We manufacture efficient, effective and environmentally green water treatment solutions.

Not every water quality problem is the same nor does every customer have the same treatment or environmental preferences and in some cases a typical design will not physically fit in the space available or there are restrictions in the amount of water that can be wasted or restrictions on salt water discharge. For these and many more reasons we build two different categories of treatment systems:

  • Fully automatic; these are more traditional style treatment systems with tanks, media, control valves and often they use salt to regenerate. Click here to learn more.

  • Cartridge based Integrated Cartridge Solutions (ICS); Our ICS systems are designed to provide flow rates to 35 gallons per minute, are smaller than automatic solutions, have no moving parts and do not require power, a waste water drain line or salt. ICS units provide a Simple, Effective and Eco-Friendly alternative to traditional treatment and can often be used to improve traditional treatment. Click here to learn more. Click here to learn more.

We know and understand the often complex water quality issues and believe every customer should get a treatment solution that will actually solve their water quality problems, make their lives simpler and enable them to actually enjoy their water. Whether you need a treatment solution for a single problem or a complex set of problems it is our goal to provide you with the water quality you expect and deserve. We have Certified Water Specialists on staff to answer all your questions.

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